Arches tours

The Bundu Bus is a bus service that connects many of the great parks of the southwest with each other and with Salt Lake City, and a few other cities. 2009 is the first time this service will be offered, and it is only available through the Bundu Bus.

The Bundu Bus departs the downtown Salt Lake area every Tuesday and Friday for Moab, Utah's outdoor adventure capital, which is located about three miles from Arches. There is a stop in Moab for half an hour, before the vehicle continues on to Monument Valley. You can either get off in Moab, or continue to Monument Valley and do a Navajo led, back country tour of Monument Valley.

From Monument Valley the Bundu Bus turns around and returns to Moab. The next morning we offer a choice of either going white water rafting on the Colorado River, or taking a jeep tour into the back roads of Canyonlands. That afternoon there is a four hour tour of Arches National Park, before going back to Salt Lake City.

Please take a look at the the Bundu Bus' complete schedule and routes.

Please call (800) 724 7767 or (USA) 435 658 2227, or mail us, for additional information.