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Unlike the Grand Canyon, you can stand on a plateau at Canyonlands and gaze for miles and miles over countless canyons, almost as far as the eye can see.  This plateau is known as Island in the Sky, one of three distinct districts at Canyonlands.  The other two districts are The Maze and Needles.  While tours to this part of Utah always take in Island in the Sky, Needles is worth a visit if time permits.  The Maze is literally one of the most desolate areas in the United States and very difficult to get to.
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Your visit to Canyonlands will take you to the Upheaval Dome (above left) -  which may have been created by a meteor - Grandview Point, the Schafer Trail View Point (above, second from left), and the Green River Overlook (above right), to name a few. 

Canyonlands is very close to both Arches and Moab, Utah's outdoor adventure capital.  Both the Colorado and Green Rivers run close to Moab, and the confluence of the two is actually in Canyonlands.

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Moab is a great place to stay.  The Colorado River flows through town, and many companies offer rafting trips.  On our shared, multi day Grand Canyon Tours, a raft ride is included as part of the tour.  The world's best known mountain bike trail, The Slickrock Trail, is also in Moab, and mountain biking enthusiasts come from all over the world to try their luck.

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