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The Fiery Furnace is possibly one of the most amazing hikes you will ever go on in your life! Naturally carved out of soft sandstone, is an elaborate maze of narrow canyons, in which you could easily get lost without a guide.
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The hike, which takes approximately three hours, is only about two miles, but there is a lot of clambering over rocks, and some hiking up, down and through the narrow canyons.  You will be exposed to sights, the likes of which you have probably never seen before .
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With the Fiery Furnace tour being led by an Arches ranger, you will be provided with a wealth of information on the flora, fauna and geology of the area.  And, if you're lucky, it may even be possible to sit down in the peace and solitude of the inner Furnace, to enjoy lunch (above left picture)!  Remember, though, that anything that gets packed in also gets packed out.
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